NBCUniversal personnel shake-up goes international

Newly minted Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA)-owned NBCUniversal continues to change the way it looks and operates, this time moving to the international operations where newly named president Jeff Shell continued to shake things up.

As part of an international restructuring, Kevin MacLellan has been named to oversee television operations and Roma Khanna, president of Universal Networks international digital initiatives has left to "pursue new interests." Shell's predecessor, Pete Smith, also recently decided to chase new business opportunities.

Also in transition, Belinda Menendez becomes president of international television distribution and Universal Networks International and flies over to London from Los Angeles and Rowan Conn takes over as CFO.

"My primary goal is to form our various divisions into one cohesive international business aligned with a common set of objectives, allowing our talented leaders to contribute to a unified strategic vision of future growth," Shell said in a boilerplate statement.

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