NCTA disputes report on set-top energy consumption

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association took issue with a Los Angeles Times report claiming that set-top boxes are among the leaders in energy consumption.

Multichannel video providers, device manufacturers and energy advocacy groups got together in March and vowed to improve efficiency standards for the boxes that would make set-tops up to 45 percent more efficient and save consumers $1 billion annually, the NCTA said.

The average set-top box consumes less than 12 kilowatt hours (KwH) of energy a month, according to the trade organization. Based on the average American household consumption of 903 KwH per month, a set-top represents only 1.3 percent of a typical home's energy use.

That compares to 46 percent for heating and cooling, the NCTA pointed out in its report.

At this point, NCTA said, about 85 percent of new set-top boxes meet Energy Star 3 efficiency standards and some are even more efficient than that.

NCTA energy consumption STB

Chart: Energy consumption of connected equipment in active mode. (Source: NCTA)

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