Netflix now shooting all its originals in 4K, Sarandos says

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) chief content officer Ted Sarandos says the SVOD service is now shooting all of its original shows in 4K resolution.

"It'll be great. The advancements in compression will be able to deliver 4K just fine with current broadband speeds," he told an audience Tuesday at the MIPCOM media market and conference in Cannes, France. "We have House of Cards, we have Breaking Bad, we have Blacklist … the 4K library has grown dramatically. All of our original series are being shot in 4K, and certainly our original features. It will completely invert people's expectations of quality of content on the internet."

Sarandos' claim about current broadband speeds is certainly up for debate. In June, technology company Akamai said that 15 Mbps was the minimum speed consumers should have to stream 4K ... and only about 17 percent of U.S. consumers currently have connections that fast. 

Netflix has established itself as one of the leading providers of 4K/Ultra HD programming in the early phases of consumer adoption.

The company announced earlier this week at that its bumping up the price tier for its 4K content to its $11.99-a-month "family plan."

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