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Jim BartholdFierceCable will not be electronically published Monday in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Fear not, though: The zaniness will resume with all new issues starting Tuesday.

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For cable operators, being a dumb pipe may be a smart idea
With the Internet as a bottomless pit of content, interactive links between the cable operator and the end user and ever-increasing broadband speeds, there's hardly anything dumb about today's cable pipe; it's just that the operator no longer has to control every bit of information that travels over that conduit. Is a dumb pipe strategy key to cable's future? Read more...

CMA uses commercial services to offset video subscriber losses
CMA Communications is like every other cable operator that's watching subscribers scamper away like wabbits chased by Elmer Fudd. Unlike many other cable operators, however, CMA has a unique way of combating the losses: Let the subs run, for now, because they'll come back. Read on...

FierceCable 5-and-5: Five 2010 trends guaranteed to carry into 2011
A calendar is only an artificial ending point for a week, a month, a day, a year, a decade, a century, a millennium--and on and on. It's with that foundation that FierceCable presents its first-ever 5-and-5: Five trends from 2010 that didn't end when the clock struck 12 on Dec. 31. Check them out ...

Suggested Articles

Beginning Dec. 10, Comcast will replace Starz and begin offering Epix, a premium network owned by MGM, in some of its Xfinity TV premium packages.

Comcast last Friday moved Turner Classic Movies to its Sports Entertainment add-on package, a move that angered several subscribers.

With the streaming wars intensifying, the “aggregation wars” are poised for greater activity as well: everyone wants a piece of this pie.