No issue Monday

Jim Barthold
It should go without saying, but let's say it anyway. Monday is a holiday and you won't have the pleasure (pain?) of FierceCable. We'll be back Tuesday. we promise.

Meantime, enjoy a few of this week's special features:

Mount Laurel, N.J.-based TelVue may have hit upon the future of television with technology that encourages hyperlocal programming. They're leveraging the relationship between cable providers and their communities to introduce new digital technology.
Q&A: TelVue takes hypercasting to its extreme

You can't throw a (virtual) stick while websurfing without hitting some speculation on Google TV and what it means for the cable industry, the internet, and any other video space you can think of.
Google TV: history maker or just another part of history?

And finally, while I hate labeling anything--well, maybe hate is a strong word--here's a few areas of the industry worth noting from The Cable Show 2010, held this month.
Trending up, trending down, or trending water at Cable Show 2010

See you next Tuesday.