North State uses Zhone to drive FTTH IPTV deployment

High Point, N.C.-based broadband entertainment provider North State has expanded its relationship with Zhone Technologies as part of an ongoing effort to build out an FTTH IPTV network that also delivers voice and broadband data services.

The provider maintains a 68,000-mile fiber network to deliver a range of residential voice, video and broadband data services and is supporting more than 5,000 live customers on the new Plex TV interactive platform. It uses Zhone's optical network terminals (ONTs) as smart devices with full gateway functionality to eliminate the need for second devices inside the home to control routing of enhanced features.

"Zhone's support of our video platform and the ability of the MXK [intelligent terabit access concentrator] system to rapidly and effectively support our unique network traffic needs will help improve our ability to deliver IPTV services effectively to our customers," said Royster Tucker III, North's State's COO, in a press release, noting that "Zhone has proven to be a valuable partner in our growth strategy over the last 12 years."

That 12-year relationship has also worked for Zhone, which has been able to flex its technology muscles to develop and drive new features for the Plex Advanced TV service, said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at the company.

"The rapid deployment of Plex Advanced TV… is a testament to the unique flexibility we have in supporting a variety of Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and Active Ethernet (AE) service models," Caskey said.

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