Pace sets the pace in set-top box shipments

Pace (LSE: PIC) sold and shipped the most set-tops in 2010, overtaking Motorola Mobility (NYSE: MMI) 20.7 million to 19 million, according to research detailed by IHS Screen Digest. The research results surfaced just days after Pace issued a profits warning because of supply chain problems associated with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

The sales growth, the research firm said, was driven by North and South American customers and especially in the U.S. where "Pace has been voraciously taking market share from U.S. incumbents with high volume deals such as selling boxes to Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA)."

Motorola gets more bucks for boxes. Its revenue came in at $2.4 billion while Pace raked in $1.9 billion. Generally, the research said, U.S. box makers have average sales prices that are higher than European counterparts like Pace because "they tend to have more established relationships with the high volume, advanced cable operators in the United States" and more units associated with IPTV.

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