Pay TV households with DVRs increasing rapidly, finds survey

A new survey found 52 percent of U.S. households with pay TV now have a DVR, roughly twice the number of those who had it just five years ago.

Data from the Leichtman Research Group survey comprised of 1,304 adults found DVR penetration was much higher among satellite and telco TV subscribers, at 63 percent and 71 percent respectively, than among cable subscribers, at 42 percent.

The report also found 58 percent of cable subscribers had at least used a DVR, even if they don't own one. This number is up from 10 percent just eight years ago, when TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO), one of the more entrenched DVR services, was only five years old.

In addition to surveying consumers about their DVR habits, the "On-Demand TV 2012" study also focused on Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) subscription and VOD trends.

The report noted that although Netflix is still one of the industry leaders in online streaming, 51 percent of Netflix users also subscribe to another service such as HBO or Starz. In keeping with this finding, the percentage of viewers who would discontinue a premium service in favor of Netflix has dropped from 36 percent last year to 20 percent this year.

On the VOD side, the percentage of digital cable subscribers who have used VOD has risen 12 percent over the last five years, from 58 percent to 70 percent. Sixty-eight percent of viewers who have both a VOD and a DVR agree that their service is enhanced by both devices.

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