Podcast—T-Mobile’s Binder talks (around) Uncarrier's video strategy

T-Mobile's Jeff Binder at the 2018 Pay TV Show
T-Mobile EVP of Home and Entertainment Jeff Binder says his company's new video service will launch sometime this year. (Daniel Frankel/FierceMarkets)

DENVER—Late last year, T-Mobile purchased Denver-based premium pay TV service Layer3 TV and put the startup's founder and chief executive, Jeff Binder, in charge of launching what it billed as a disruptive OTT service in line with the wireless company's "uncarrier" brand ethos. 

Six months later, at the Pay TV Show, Fierce Telecom Group Editor-in-Chief Mike Dano pressed Binder for details on what that upcoming streaming service might look like. 

Here's what happened. (Note that you can hear more podcasts like this one by subscribing to FierceCable Radio on Stitcher and iTunes.)