Price, goofy glasses hold up 3D TV adoption in U.K.

British consumers are saying the $3,000 price tag that 3D-ready television sets currently are carrying is too rich for their blood, and overwhelmingly say that wearing 3D glasses is an inexcusable fashion faux pas that makes them look stupid, making it look like the road to 3D TV adoption in the United Kingdom could be longer than a James Cameron movie.

According to a poll by VouchersCodes, a U.K.-based coupon company, nearly one in five respondents said they believed 3D TV was just a passing far and more than a quarter said they were happy with the 2D HD experience.

What's the tipping point for price? About one third of respondents said they'd likely buy a 3D TV if it came in around $750.

The poll also showed that content was critical to the adoption of 3D TV by British consumers; 43 percent said they'd pop for 3D if there were enough movies offerings, 12 percent said they'd watch nature shows and 11 percent said they'd want to watch soccer in 3D.

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