RCN creates caller ID app for TiVo; Mediacom campaigns for Iowa farms

More cable industry news from around the Web:

> RCN has a new app for TiVo-enabled set-tops that displays caller ID information on subscribers' TV screens. Story.

> Mediacom is seeking government funding for a pilot program to bring high-speed broadband to Iowa farms. Story

> Noted net neutrality scholar Tim Wu is running for lieutenant governor of New York. Story.

> TiVo co-founders Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton will eschew building their own hardware box of their QPlay video service and will instead launch it on Google's Chromecast. Story

> Digital media advertising is now bigger than national TV advertising and will surpass total TV advertising by 2018. Story.

 And finally … Sales of licensed entertainment merchandise rose 4.3 percent last year to $51.44 billion. Story.

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