RELEASE: Com Net, Latens, Minerva and Amino deploy AmiNET500 PVR

Com Net, Latens, Minerva and Amino Announce Secured Deployment of AmiNET500 PVR Tight integration between the solutions of Minerva, Latens and Amino as well as proven security and scalability cited by Com Net as key reasons for selection Belfast, Northern Ireland – November 6, 2006 - Latens Systems, a pioneer and leading supplier of dynamic, software-based Conditional Access, today announced that Com Net Inc., an Ohio-based company offering advanced telecommunication services to 21 Independent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs), has for the first time successfully deployed secured Personal Video Recording (PVR) functionality on its IPTV Network. The solution comprises Latens FCAS security system integrated with Minerva’s iTVManager IPTV platform running with Amino’s AmiNET500 to provide Com Net with a secured end-to-end PVR delivery platform. "PVR is one of the must have features for IPTV service providers competing with their satellite and cable rivals. Because standards are currently so fragmented we have to rely heavily on our partners to deliver integrated solutions that allow us to deploy advanced new services," says Randall Plaisier, CTO, Com Net, Inc. "Following a rigorous in-house evaluation and testing process, we have successfully deployed the integrated Latens, Minerva and Amino solution. We chose this solution as it provides the best combination of robustness, scalability and content packaging flexibility." "Encrypting PVR is a complex process especially in trick play mode. We had to ensure that Com Net satisfies the studios’ requirements for 100 percent encryption at all times during trick play. The fact that FCAS is a robust Conditional Access solution made it so much easier to manage encryption for Com Net in that mode," says Dean Kashlan, GM and VP at Latens Limited. "We look forward to continuing to be the first content and revenue protection vendor to support advanced new business models and content packaging schemes that our customers want to deploy in order to maximize their competitive advantage." "The unique integration of Latens FCAS with our iTVManager platform provides Com Net with a robust, scalable and cost-effective solution for its PVR roll-out," says Matt Cuson, Minerva’s Vice President of Marketing. "We are excited to be able to assist Com Net in launching secure PVR services which will enha" The Latens FCAS system is a next generation, standards compliant conditional access systems optimized for the broadband IPTV market designed to maximize the revenue earned and retained by service providers. Latens’ highly scalable FCAS solution is technically advanced and provides operators with unsurpassed levels of security and flexibility. "The close collaboration between Latens and Amino enables Com Net to deploy their PVR with the highest possible levels of security, ensuring that Com Net can meet the present and future security requirements of programmers and studios," says Roy Kirsopp, VP and General Manager, Amino. "The integration of Latens FCAS with Minerva middleware and AmiNET500 platform ensures that service providers deploying this solution can both gain customers and increase revenues by launching secured PVR services for their subscribers."