Rogue satellite just a bunch of 'hubbub'

That satellite that got hit by a solar storm and started wandering all over space isn't a big bother and probably won't bother cable programming, as originally expected. A Comcast spokesman confirmed this latest news, noting "at the moment there's no impact."

Intelsat's Galaxy 15 apparently got shook up by a solar storm and knocked out of its orbit into the western edge of the ac used by cable programming satellites, setting off War of the Worlds excitement as the world prepared to live without cable television. It's not that exciting, said an Intelsat spokeswoman, who said the satellite provider is "frankly mystified by all the hubbub."

Yes, she conceded, the bird could move into the area used by a cable programming satellite, but a number of evasive maneuvers are in place including shifting programming to another satellite. "We're very optimistic," she said, as the world held its collective breath.

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