Roku expands to Canada, UK; Sony looks to build virtual cable service

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> Sony might be a wee late to the party with its own party, but gamers--or, at least, PlayStation 3 owners--will now be able to recreate the thrill of watching movies with their friends in a virtual environment. That's right. Sony's brought its Crackle streaming service into its PlayStation Home virtual world (of-sorts). Article

> After announcing a $50 version of its set-top box last month, Roku this month says it's going global. The device soon will be available in Canada and the United Kingdom. Article

> The Federal Communications Commission Friday took care of one process reform complaint from Republicans last week: it released the final order on its remake of the Universal Service Fund from phone to broadband subsidies. The order budgets the high-cost fund, rechristened the Connect America Fund, at $4.5 million. Article

> Walmart's movie service, Vudu, is opening up a digital locker for customers that allows them to download movies and television episodes they buy for devices and watch them later, without an Internet cnnection. Article

> A coalition of citizens' groups hoping to block the installation of more than 700 AT&T U-verse utility boxes in San Francisco has scored a big win, at least for the moment. Article

> Sony Corp. is actively seeking media partners for an Internet-based virtual pay-TV service to compete head-to-head with current service providers and to be delivered through a variety of Sony devices. Article

> Current and past Netflix subscribers stand to get about $1 from the $27.5 million DVD price abuse settlement Walmart agreed to. Article

> YouTube is giving its site yet another new look, this time with the goal of more deeply integrating its social network, Google+. Article

> Netflix will offer Miramax content to subscribers when it launches in the United Kingdom and Ireland next year; it already offers Miramax content in the U.S. and Latin America. Article

And finally... A Giant mound of tires in S.C. is visible from space. Article

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