Rovi getting $124 million IRS refund; Kabel Germany doing better

> Think you're getting a big refund from the IRS? Think about what you could do with the $124 million that Rovi is getting back as part of carryback claims. Only an accountant would understand what it all means, but Rovi apparently took a hit when it sold TV Guide Magazine and now the government is returning some tax money. Story.

> In Germany, Kabel Deutschland (that's German for Cable Germany) said its full-year loss shrank as it added Internet and phone services to TV subscriptions. The system is owned by John Malone's Liberty Global, of course. Story.

> If you want to sink your pesos into Latin American cable, you could do worse than Panama where "broadband and Internet access speed have by far surpassed that found in other Latin American countries. And get this; the credit for this good news is being given to a utilities regulator, Asep. Imagine that happening with the FCC. Story.

> FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski isn't above asking for help when he needs it. And when it comes to the Commission's plans to recoup spectrum from broadcasters for mobile broadband, he needs it. So he told Congress that it needs to approve the FCC plan to reclassify broadband. Story.

And finally... That's a switch: Charter Communications said it will use switched digital video equipment from Motorola to deliver more HD content to customers without the need to increase bandwidth. Neat trick if they can pull it off. News release.