Rovi introduces platform to ease move to IPTV

Rovi Corp. (Nasdaq: ROVI), which recently said it would sell off its online video unit, continued to cozy up to the pay TV universe at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, where it unveiled new IP software that "would enable pay TV service providers to cost effectively introduce IP-based multiscreen services and applications" within their traditional delivery system.

The end goal would be a more rapid transition to IPTV, the technology provider said, noting it will also help pay TV service providers integrate various levels of content across an increasing array of IP-connected devices.

According to a press release, Rovi has positioned the gateway software as part of a new service layer that lets traditional pay TV services and CE devices "connect, communicate and interact with each other."

"Today's pay TV environment is limited by the capabilities of the set top box. Consumers familiar with a variety of Internet-connected devices want more from their entertainment experience," said Matt Milne, executive vice president of products, sales and marketing for Rovi, in the press release.

This demand for more has led consumers to wander away from increasingly expensive pay TV providers' lineups and seek out over-the-top content from the Internet. The problem for multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs)--especially those with more entrenched residential customer bases--is the cost of changing equipment to sate this demand within existing system parameters.

"The introduction of Rovi Services gateway is designed to open up the ability for service providers to add new services, applications and user interfaces to enhance the consumer experience without the cost of a complete infrastructure change. We believe it presents cable TV service providers with a path to re-think their subscriber experience and service deployment," Milne continued.

If nothing else, Rovi said, the new platform will let service providers test and develop transition strategies that combine QAM and streaming via the same network to an increasing array of IP-connected devices within the residence.

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