SK Broadband claims industry's first UHD up-scaling

South Korea's SK Broadband is taking credit for being the first service provider to up-scale full HD video contents into Ultra HD (UHD)--or 4K--images using a proprietary solution that delivers a UHD experience with existing HD videos.

SK, the second largest broadband Internet service provider in South Korea, said its plan is to use its technology to upscale the film Divergent from HD to UHD for delivery through its UHD set-top-free service.

According to a news release, up-scaling transforms HD into UHD by adjusting colors and definition and artificially enlarges the definition to avoid noise and image distortion. The carrier's goal is to use its solution to boost the amount of UHD content by up-scaling "one or two famous movies or animations a month."

Last April, SK Broadband rolled out its set-top-free service to enable users to watch UHD video by installing its BTV mobile app directly on their smart TVs.

For more:
- SK Broadband has this press release

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