Skype in HD? Now there's a frightening thought; Hulu fans warily eye May 24

> It's been said that professional actors don't like HD because it exposes all their flaws with its great picture quality. Imagine the run-of-the-mill consumers who make Skype video calls on specially enabled Panasonic HDTVs. Story.

> Hulu lovers are closely watching May 24 as the date predicted when Hulu would become at least a partial subscription service. So far, so good, it's been reported. Story.

> This probably will have an impact somewhere along the line, so it's worth noting that Ocean Blue's Voyager MHESG-5 engine now complies with the U.K.'s DVB-T2 Freeview HD receivers specification. Story.

And finally... Light Reading reports that Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) is developing a tru2way set-back box that uses standard SDHC cards for video storage, thereby obviating the need for a big box DVR. Story.

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