Small Canadian ISP has plan to sell IPTV nationwide

A Canadian ISP that just recently began reselling Bell's IPTV service in greater Montreal wants to offer its product across Canada, saying it will compete by offering "more channels for a lower price." Colba.Net Telecom already has applications pending with Canadian regulators for regional broadcasting licenses that would allow it to operate in Quebec and Ontario, as well as in major cities in Western Canada. Colba has provided Internet services since 1996, and in 2011 said it has 3,186 subscribers, 27 employees and revenue in 2011 of just $3.2 million. CEO Joseph Bassili said he expects the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to approve its applications after hearings wrap up June 7 because, he said, "the CRTC has said it wants competition." The service hasn't signed any agreements with incumbent telcos. He also said the service would require subscribe to have an existing Internet connection, something it doesn't plan to provide. The chances for success may be pretty slim. And one industry analyst said, "Many resellers have tried and none have succeeded. This is a scale game now." Article

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