South Korea's KT starts HTML5-based IPTV service

South Korean IPTV provider KT has launched an HTML-based IPTV service that makes its content available both on traditional set-top boxes and other consumer devices ranging from PCs to smartphones and tablets, the carrier said in a press release issued by technology partner Alticast.

Called Olleh TV Smart, the new service "allows us to emerge from the dependency on a specific platform and establish a foothold in an open ecosystem for all subscribers, content providers and broadcasters," Ju Sung Kim, CEO of KT Media Hub said during a press conference.

KT said it would use HTML5 to deliver an open user experience across multiple devices, including an application that converges live streamed baseball games with statistics about the players. That app, the carrier promised, is just the start.

"KT will launch additional features including HTML5-based interactive education, cloud games, 'Cloud DVD' and private broadcasting services in coming months," the company's press release said.

Also coming is a personalization feature that allows users to create their own favorite channels based on their interests and to purchase and play premium games.

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- Alticast issued this press release with KT

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