Streampix lives: Comcast SVOD service only downsized, not decommissioned

Reports of the demise of Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) SVOD service Streampix have been exaggerated … slightly.

According to Multichannel News, the No. 1 MSO's response to Netflix  (NASDAQ: NFLX) will live on as an a la carte video programming option and trinket to subscribers of higher-end video-services packages.

Comcast is, in fact, taking down its Streampix mobile apps and the service's website. It will also stop selling the subscription video-on-demand service to its broadband-only users.

Comcast has yet to respond to FierceCable's Tuesday-morning inquiry regarding Streampix.

In the 337-page document it filed with the Federal Communications Commission a week earlier to assail critics of its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC), Comcast said that it was "decommissioning" the service.

"Though Comcast sought to create excitement around Streampix by offering the online version through a unique online site and app, and offered Streampix to a small number of Xfinity broadband-only customers in one region, these attracted minimal interest: both the site and the app are being decommissioned, and the standalone offer was discontinued," the filing stated.

Comcast sells Streampix to subscribers for $4.99 a month, making it free to those who paid for upper-tier services. The Streampix library primarily features programs produced by Comcast's NBCUniversal subsidiary, although the service had deals in place with Disney, Sony, Warner Bros. and CBS, among others.

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