Charges dropped for striking Charter worker accused of cutting cables

Strike signs
The 1,800 New York tech workers have been on strike since March 28.

The District Attorney's Office in the New York Borough of Queens will not file charges against a striking Charter Communications employee who had been arrested in connection with a June vandalism incident that caused 60,000 customers to lose service.

According to ABC News, charges against Michael Tolve, 48, have been dropped pending further investigation of the matter.

Tolve was arrested Wednesday night and charged with criminal mischief for allegedly cutting the cables on June 26, and also for stealing a memory card from a nearby security camera to cover up the crime.

It remains unclear as to whether Tolve is a suspect in similar vandalism incidents. Charter told ABC News that its cables have been cut 106 times since Charter tech workers in the New York area went on strike March 28.

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Damage estimates for the June 26 vandalism incident are reported to be $67,000.

Tolve is reportedly a 14-year company veteran who transitioned to Charter after the cable company purchased Time Warner Cable last year.

The 1,800 New York tech workers under collective bargaining agreement, inherited by Charter when it bought TWC, have been on strike since late March.

Charter reps didn’t immediately respond to FierceCable’s inquiry for comment.