Sunrise Telecom debuts software tools for deeper dive on IPTV troubleshooting

Testing specialist and workflow monitoring company Sunrise Telecom has added a new tool to its network test and measurement solutions with the launch of the packetWORX IPTV Suite.

Its new packetWORX suite allows operators to quickly install, maintain and troubleshoot IPTV networks, increasing the efficiency of field technicians and reducing operating expenses.

"We've always focused on handheld equipment," Abish Ghimire, ST's product manager, told FierceIPTV. "We've begun to see that there's a need to focus more on the application layer side than on bits and bytes. While we've had success with handheld devices for technicians in the market, we've decided we need to invest on software solutions."

The server-based packetWORX IPTV Monitoring system and packetWORX IPTV Analyzer application for premise troubleshooting, are examples of that new focus.

The solution enables operators to deploy and maintain network infrastructures to meet the quality and reliability demands of IPTV services, providing 24x7 monitoring of IPTV networks using deep packet inspection to detect and correct problems before customer Quality of Experience degrades.

PacketWORX IPTV Analyzer, meanwhile, allows technicians to test all channels with pass/fail results and get go/no-go results quickly while installing and troubleshooting IPTV at the customer premises. It provides video and transport stream statistics in detail to determine the root cause of problems. Field technicians can troubleshoot issues quickly and get a full report for the trouble ticket.

"This is our first shot into a crowded market," said Ghimire, "and we think it's quite bold. But we are investing a lot of time and money and resources to come up with a more innovative solution."

Ghimire said Sunrise Telecom was going the software route in response to customer requests for more detailed and affordable IPTV solutions than those currently on the market.

"IPTV is a growing market in North America, Europe, Latin America and in Asia particularly," he said. "A modular handset can run basic tests, and we've been very successful with that. But customers are looking for a more advanced solution for trouble shooting and installation.

"We're giving them a simple, easy-to-learn solution that we think is comprehensive and cost effective."

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