Synacor acquires cloud HTML5 platform Carbyn to extend TV Everywhere play

Turns out Synacor (Nasdaq: SYNC), which scooped up about $34.1 million in its February IPO, had some immediate plans for the extra cash, or at least part of it.


"All your Apps, Games, Music, Movies, Pictures, Documents, and more live in the cloud and are ready and waiting for you no matter how you get there," according to Carbyn.

The Buffalo, N.Y.-based company said Tuesday it acquired Carbyn, an HTML5 platform that delivers apps across Net-connected devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and connected TVs. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Synacor said the deal furthers its TV Everywhere play, enabling the company to offer customers a branded platform where their subscribers can access content and HTML5 applications including video, music, games, newspapers and magazines.

The platform allows users to sign into their accounts on any device regardless of operating system or browser, eliminating a major pain point for consumers.

The acquisition will let developers to build apps once, and allow users to access them across all connected devices.

"Synacor is addressing our customer needs as their subscribers continue to use more connected devices in increasingly mobile ways and expect content to be accessible anywhere," said Synacor CEO Ron Frankel. "In addition to laptop and desktop computers, we anticipate customer start pages, which offer email, news and TV Everywhere content, will appear on an even wider variety of connected devices. The Carbyn acquisition is a tremendous opportunity for Synacor, our customers, and their consumers."

Carbyn, a cloud-based platform, allows end-users to select any Internet-connected device, open a browser and sign into the platform where they can access apps, games, music, movies, pictures, documents, newspapers and magazines along with self-help apps, "my account" features, bill pay, DVR, voicemail and other apps developed by programmers, Synacor customers or third-party vendors. That means that when an app is purchased using a tablet, it can be accessed and enjoyed later on a laptop, smartphone or connected TV, even if the devices have different operating systems, such as Apple iOS, Google Android or Microsoft Windows software.

Synacor is integrating Carbyn's technology with its own platform to offer next-gen converged services to broadband, cable, satellite, IPTV and consumer electronics companies.

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