Techies looking for tech leader; Antenna farm outage

> Talk about your tech overload. The SCTE (that's the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers), cable's leading organization of engineers and other tech-heads has hired executive research firm T.D. Madison to find candidates to be chief technology officer (CTO). In other words, the chief tech among the techs. Release

> So much for "free" over-the-air TV. When KNAT-TV's 4,000 pound 40-foot antenna blew over during some heavy winds in Albuquerque it walloped some other stations located in the same antenna farm. But it didn't affect cable TV. Article

> In a bit of unfortunate timing, RCN in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania said it would raise prices for Internet and some cable programming packages on March 24. The bad timing? The company made the announcement just days after saying it would credit $5 and provide a free premium movie to customers affected by a six-hour service outage that occurred during the Olympics. Article

> Charter Communications will announce its fourth quarter 2009 earnings tomorrow morning during a conference call. Article

> Christopher Allen Lewis, a hacker accused of disrupting Comcast's Internet page for two days has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to intentionally damage a protected computer system and could face a five-year prison term and $250,000 fine. Article