Teleste system aims to help operators deliver OTT

If the best way for service providers to combat OTT is to offer OTT content on their own pay networks--and many observers believe it is--then the new Teleste Ubique system should get tremendous market pick-up.

On top of its expected ability to carry TV Everywhere across multiple viewing platforms within a consumer residence, the system is "a complete multi-screen system for managing and distributing TV channels and interactive services on DVB, IPTV and OTT networks," according to a story in Broadcast Engineering.

This means that in addition to what is becoming a routine TV Everywhere offering, a service provider can toss over-the-top content from online Web services using Teleste's headends, transcoders, management system and content protection system to feed set-top boxes, tablets and Web browsers within the residence.

While the story hones in on cable operators, the system itself works for any operator that wants to blend multiples of content onto a single platform.

"Ubique reduces the time needed to integrate OTT to a cable operator's offering from 12-18 months to even two months," the story said. "The system [which was demonstrated recently at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam] handles live TV channels, EPG program guides and interactive services such as catch-up, VOD and network PVR from the same system," along with, of course, the ability to deliver services to multiple devices.

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