Time stands still for U.S. pay-TV market on 4K

DirecTV (NYSE: T) launched pay-TV's first 4K service a year ago, making a handful of archival Paramount theatrical titles and K2 nature documentaries available for download in the UltraHD format and playable on new Samsung 4K sets.

In December, Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) chimed in with a 4K version of its Xfinity TV app, also playable on newer model Samsung sets. Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) followed this up with an announcement at CES that it would release a 4K version of its Hopper DVR.

As FierceCable's latest special report reveals, almost a full year later, the U.S. pay-TV market hasn't moved an inch in regard to advancing its 4K agenda -- save for a few device announcements, the market hasn't expanded the availability of content or services.

But that doesn't mean U.S. operators are going to sit on the sidelines forever. In its special report, FierceCable talked to operatives at DirecTV and Comcast and came away with the sense that the integration of High Dynamic Range into 4K standards will spur the market. 

You can read the full special report here. --Daniel