TiVo comeback stunted by financial woes

Even as TiVo tries to make its comeback into a new, increasingly complex cable business, it continues to encounter financial difficulties. The DVR pioneer said it suffered its sixth straight money-losing quarter because of higher legal expenses and other costs that overwhelmed financial gains from new technology just hitting the market.

TiVo lost $14.2 million in the quarter compared to last year, when it was seemingly still a backburner technology and lost only $3.9 million a share. The company's resurgence is partly to blame for the loss as is an ongoing dispute with Dish Network which TiVo thought it won but which went back into the legal system. "The good news is every court that has looked into this ... we have resoundingly won," said TiVo CEO Tom Rogers.

In other news, Best Buy said development is under way to add the TiVo platform to its Insignia house band HDTVs but that the sets will use "non-DVR software and advanced television service." That means TiVo's connected services will be part of the sets, while its frontline DVR will not.

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