TiVo getting close to debuting voice remote, report says

Voice remotes have become popular features for video platforms like Comcast’s X1. (TiVo)

In a development of interest to tier 2 and 3 cable operators looking to deliver next-generation video services on par with leading MSOs like Comcast, TiVo is prepping a new remote control with integrated voice function.

Tech blogger David Zatz discovered the filing to the FCC’s Engineering and Technology Department, which revealed photos of TiVo’s traditionally peanut-shaped remote control, but with new features such as a big blue microphone button and dedicated Netflix button. 

Voice remotes have become popular features for video platforms like Comcast’s X1. Like Comcast, smaller cable operators are looking for ways to reduce churn by offering up advanced user interface features to customers. And many of these tier 2 and tier 3 operators license technology from TiVo to accomplish that task. 

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It’s unclear as to whether the remote profiled in the FCC filing will be a retail product, one TiVo uses in its relationships with MSOs, or both. 

Meanwhile, a Multichannel News report ties the voice report to the broader integration of Rovi Corp. and TiVo, which merged last year. 

According to Multichannel, TiVo has introduced the Personalized Content Discovery platform, which blends technology developed by 2014 TiVo acquisition Digitalsmiths with voice-control tech acquired by the Rovi side when it bought Veveo, also in 2014.

Pratik Patel, director of product management, advanced search and recommendations for TiVo, told the publication that based on this combination, TiVo has “created one full stack of those products.”