Toxic chemical sickens Apple workers in China; cellphones could alter brain activity

Cable industry news from around the Web:

> The New York Times is reporting that a toxic chemical used to make glass screens for the Apple iPhone "seriously injured" 137 workers at a Chinese factory. Story.

> A study by the National Institute of Health said that 50 minutes of cellphone use could alter brain activity in the area closest to the phone antenna. Story.

> The Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University has determined that people who live in low-income areas of Washington, D.C. get less for their broadband dollar than those living in wealthy suburbs--and subscribers in rural areas get even worse deals. News release.

> Frontier reported fourth quarter revenue of $1.358 million and increased broadband availability to 240,000 households. News release.

And finally ... All is not disharmonious between cable and unions since the Screen Actors Guild and Basic Cable Live Action Television Producers reached agreement on a new three-year contract. News release.