Traditional TV viewing stable despite surging mobile, online video usage, study says

Global consumption of linear television has remained largely flat, despite increased use of online video and a marked uptick in overall mobile media consumption.

That's the pointy-headed conclusion of London-based research company GlobalWebIndex, which interviews 3,000-4,000 Internet users every quarter out of a global sample of 40,000 to come up with some rather interesting conclusions regarding worldwide media consumption.

The firm's latest report (subscription only) found that traditional TV use is down only slightly from 2012, with the average global broadband user committing 23 percent of their media consumption time viewing linear television--far and away the biggest portion of the offline media pie. But online video consumption is growing fast, now accounting for an average of about 0.7 percent of the typical media day.

Being on the Internet remains the No. 1 media consumption habit, with the average user spending 6.09 hours per day online vs. 5.55 hours in 2012. The real dynamic is mobile, which has grown from 22 percent of that online time in 2012 to a current level of about 30 percent.

The U.S. remains the biggest TV market in the world, with media users spending an average of 4.33 hours a day in front of the tube. China reports the leanest TV usage, with a per-day usage average of 2.2 hours. 

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