Turner stations take ad-tagging to next level

Turner Broadcasting System's TBS, TNT and Tru units have ramped up their ability to offer advertisers tagging opportunities that will make their ads more indistinguishable from the programs they usually interrupt. Turner is "tagging" specific moments in movies and series, trying to find dialogue, action or themes that echo a message an advertiser might like to promote, and then creating related ad vignettes that'll appear in the spaces between when a program segment ends and a commercial break begins.

The programming giant has spent the last 18 months creating new software to tag specific moments on various programming offerings.

Of course, program tie-ins aren't new. Indeed, networks have been offering such ad opportunities for years. But Turner is trying to up the ante with the amount of tags its offering advertisers. Many customized ads are created for a special occasions like series premieres or finales. Advertisers have grown more interested in tailoring a greater portion of their overall advertising to the content in which it appears, not just a few spots slated to air in TV shows expected to garner higher-than-usual ratings.

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