Verizon FiOS TV now has 500K subscribers

Verizon celebrated the 1 millionth subscriber to its FiOS Internet service last week as well as the 500,000th subscriber to its FiOS TV service. The half-million subscriber mark comes only 20 months after Verizon launched the fiber-based TV service in September 2005. Verizon said that both milestones were achieved during the second quarter of this year.

The 1 millionth subscriber to FiOS Internet, Marjorie Bayer of Massapequa, NY, also has FiOS TV: "You can really see the difference in picture quality from what we had before, on regular channels and especially on high-def," Bayer said. "What we really like is the multi-room DVR, because the kids like to watch shows in their rooms that we've recorded downstairs. Overall, when we came back to Verizon we lost nothing and gained a lot."

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