Verizon releases mission control

Itvt has reported U.S. incumbent telco, Verizon, is rolling out its Interactive Media Guide for its fiber to the home television customers. The guide is now available in a number of regions where the telco offers its FiOS TV service, including parts of California, Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island. The guide, which has been in beta for most of the year, gives consumers access to programs from FiOS TV's and Video on demand services, and from their DVR's, as well as personal music and photos from their home network. Verizon claims to have developed innovative search routines that enable the new guide's search results to reflect current news topics. 

The guide is being promoted as the most simple ever, with a clean design and high usability. It uses vibrant colors and graphics and was designed to ensure customers could reach content with as few clicks of the remote as possible.



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