WAVE, WTNZ may lose spots on U-verse lineup

A pair of network affiliates, NBC's WAVE in Louisville, Ky., and Fox's WTNZ in Knoxville, are coming onto the new year without firm carriage agreements with AT&T (NYSE: T)'s U-verse TV service.

While WAVE said it hasn't negotiated a final agreement with the carrier, it has gotten an extension until February 29, meaning Sunday's NFL games will still be available after tonight's midnight deadline.

"WAVE 3 has been negotiating with AT&T U-Verse to reach a fair, market-based agreement for carriage of our station," the station's website reports. "Unfortunately, we have not yet reached an agreement. 

However, we have agreed to an extension until February 29. As a result, WAVE 3 will remain available on AT&T U-Verse as we continue to negotiate. Our goal is to reach an agreement and there will be no interruption of service."

Viewers in Knoxville face a more dire situation, as that NBC station is set to be dropped from U-verse at midnight.

The station said it has been negotiating with AT&T and has notified viewers that AT&T U-verse hasn't agreed to a deal.

"WTNZ is very disappointed in this outcome. We believe you deserve better. After all, you pay AT&T U-verse each month for a full slate of stations. Now, you are still paying, but will be getting less for your money," wrote WTZN on a blog. "While we cannot force AT&T U-verse to reach a deal to keep WTNZ on the dial, you can voice your concerns by contacting AT&T U-verse directly. We remind you that you have choices. You can switch to DirecTV, Dish Network, your local cable company or you can get our station free over the air."

Update: As of Jan. 2, WTZN also said it has agreed to an extension until Feb. 29 with AT&T.

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