Worst to first: Verizon shoots to No. 1 on Netflix Speed Index

The acrimonious interconnection feud between Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) seems to have settled into speedy and harmonious streaming performance.

Verizon FiOS actually topped the charts for the subscription video on demand (SVOD) service's latest broadband performance rankings for September, averaging 3.17 Mbps. That speed represents a 31 percent improvement for the Internet service provider over its August measurement.

The conspicuously high ranking comes after Netflix and Verizon spent a publicly acrimonious summer taking pot shots at each other, which each accusing the other of slowing down streaming performance for their customers. The two companies carved out a peering deal in April, but it took awhile for the technical specifics to be executed.

In May, for example, FiOS ranked nearly last among major ISPs tracked by Netflix's index, averaging 1.90 Mbps. FiOS dropped to an average of 1.58 Mbps in June.

Meanwhile, AT&T U-verse (NYSE: T), which signed its own peering agreement with Netflix in May, has also seen significant improvement on the index, speeding up from an average of 1.50 in June to 2.77 Mbps for the September rankings.

Netflix September speed index

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