ZCorum offers cablecos a free spin with its software; Cablevision goes 'ultimate' with triple play offer

Cable industry news from across the Web:

> ZCorum is trying to drum up cable operator interest in its TruVision cable modem management system by offering a free 60-day trial for the first 15 companies that apply. News release

> Cablevision Systems (NYSE: CVC) has juiced up its triple play offering to make it an Ultimate Triple Play with faster Internet speeds and advanced wireless router that lets subscribers display PC images and sounds on their TVs "instantly, without any additional equipment." News release

> If the set-top is dead, somebody forgot to tell SiliconDust, which is introducing and selling a new three-tuner HD box. Story

> Here's a way to duck around those broadband data caps: implement yet-to-be released technology from Japanese researchers who hit 109 terabits per second--fast enough, it's said, to download three months of HD content in a second. Story

And finally ... North Carolina is yet another step closer to shutting down municipal broadband after the Senate voted 37-9 in favor of a bill that negates "unfair advantages" towns might have in offering the service. Story