A train wreck? Or, smooth sailing? Let's talk about it

So, I’ve been doing my due diligence here at FierceOnlineVideo for the past month or so, asking just about anyone who’s called me, written to me, dropped me a note, sent a carrier pigeon, commented on a story -- heck, even read a story -- what they want to see in FOV. So far no real surprises, but a very definite yearning for more stories about end-users, how end-users are selecting their vendors, and anything relating to that topic.

(Now, I’m sure what they really want to hear is anything, absolutely anything, negative about their competition, and how they screwed up the last upgrade/install/migration. To be totally honest, so would I. After all, everybody rubbernecks accidents, it’s a guilty pleasure we all share on some level, although some of us are much worse than others. Me, for example.)

With that in mind, once again, I’m asking you to do my job, which really is one of the perks that makes this such a fun job. There are times when I feel very Huck Finn-like: “No, really Becky, whitewashing a fence is tremendous fun... Trust me.”

What I’m looking for -- what you’re looking for, actually -- is to share some of those experiences as end users with that latest software upgrade, hardware installation, the new CDN you just move to. I’d like to know why you did it; I’d like to know how it went; I’d like to talk about your expected ROI; and I'd like you to be willing to share it with your comrades in arms, our online video cohorts.

I know, I know, the new software is perfect; the hardware? Oh, to die for. And the customer service at Acme CDN and its online video platform partner, Oediv, is by far the best you’ve ever experienced. Hey, I’d love to hear about it and give all of them the props they deserve. Seriously. Of course, I also want to hear about the train wrecks. Here's your chance to vent, to let it all out. Or, to curry favor with your vendor so you get a bigger can of cashews at Christmas. Vendors, here's your chance to talk about the last great job you did.

So here’s the deal: there are no ground rules, there are no minimums, there are no maximums, there are no stories too sweet, there are no stories too gruesome.

There is one caveat, I want to tell the other side of the story, too. I know that may have caused some of you to just pull your finger back from the send button, and I understand that. Obviously, we all have to maintain good working relationships, even with that schmuck whose ham-handed handling of your business just cost you customers.

So, in some cases I may be persuaded to (one) change the names to protect the innocent, or, (two) well, I don’t really have a number two, but I can be flexible, and I know that sometimes, rules -- even when there are none -- need to be broken.

So, go ahead and push that send button. Nothing gets published, until you and I have had an opportunity to chat. C’mon, let’s have some fun!-Jim