Ankeena, Juniper partner on streaming solutions for telcos, MSOs, ISPs

Ankeena Networks today said it was partnering with Juniper Networks to develop solutions to lower the cost of video delivery and help assure that video provided online by telcos, MSOs and ISPs would be as high quality as that delivered on TV.

"The critical element that we see as commonality between Juniper and Ankeena is a customer base and a demand or video and media delivery in that customer base," Ankeena founder and CEO Rajan Raghavan told FierceOnlineVideo. "We have a shared vision." In fact, Raghavan said, Juniper has invested--"at a fairly good level"--in Ankeena  to show they're committed to the partnership.

Ankeena and Juniper hope to reduce infrastructure costs by attempting to eliminate some of the inefficiencies of delivering media by caching content at the network edge. That also will allow service providers to generate revenue streams through the creation of Flexible Content Delivery Networks that service providers can operate themselves. "We know media infrastructure," Anshu Agarwal, VP of product marketing, told FierceOnlineVideo. "We believe that this partnership will help us offer solutions in the marketplace that will enable options like TV Everywhere to work as well as they can."

Agarwal said Ankeena's goal was to create "a purpose built appliance meant for media delivery at a massive scale." By adopting a software solution based on adaptive technology, she said, users would be able improve system performance through software updates rather than more costly hardware replacement. "Proprietary hardware becomes obsolete very quickly," she added.

"Ankeena and Juniper share a common focus on openness, simplicity and flexibility," Manoj Leelanivas, senior vice president and general manager, Edge and Aggregation Business Unit at Juniper Networks, said in a prepared statement.  He added that combining Juniper's Junos platform and high-performance infrastructure products with Ankeena's technology would accelerate the pace of innovation for video delivery of all types.

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