App helps iPhone users transfer large HD video files

It sometimes can take an eternity to send large HD video files from an iPhone, but a new iPhone app, aptly called TransferBigFiles, allows users to send the files in the background using WiFi or 3G for up to 10 minutes--no need to connect to a computer. The free app also will pick up where the transfer left off if you drop your signal.

The company says it's the first app of its kind on the market for iPhone.

"With all of the excitement around the iPhone's new HD video capabilities, we want to make sure users have the best possible experience when sharing those videos and photos with others," said Hamid Shojaee, CEO of "Unlike other services that compress the iPhone videos... the TransferBigFiles App is the first to enable iPhone users to send the original high-quality HD files wirelessly from their phone."

The company says the first 100,000 users to install and activate the TransferBigFiles iPhone App will receive 5 GB of free cloud storage for their video and photo uploads. After the first 100,000 users, 2 GB of free cloud storage will be provided.

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