Barry Diller sues; Apple TV future still muddy

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> In a not-unexpected move, Barry Diller, the man behind Aereo, is suing TV-on-the-Internet copycat Story

> After meeting with Apple TV execs, Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves concludes there are too many obstacles for Apple to start effectively competing as a pay-TV service. Story

> Time Warner Cable has added Fox Business and Fox News to its TV Everywhere lineup. Story

> Belgium's three largest Dutch-language networks are launching a Hulu-like local catch-up TV portal called Rumble. Story

> Music streaming company Spotify is expanding into Canada with future plans to invade Asia and South America. Story

> Hillcrest Labs has introduced a less expensive in-air cursor control based on 8-bit processors commonly found on remote controls. News release

> The Australian National Basketball League will offer an online streaming subscription to all its games this season. Story

And finally… Mike Brown has left his position as vice president at Comcast's NBCUniversal to become chief revenue officer and EVP-Business Development, for Story