Brightcove reaches for its piece of the TV Everywhere pie

OVP heavyweight Brightcove is jumping onto the TV Everywhere landscape, announcing today that it's introducing an SaaS product allowing programmers and MVPDs an opportunity to ramp up a TVE-compatible platform quickly and inexpensively. Brightcove said the new product would pivot on its recently released Brightcove 4 platform, and said it was partnering with Ping Identity for authentication and authorization services.

The company has tapped industry veteran Eric Elia to spearhead the TV Everywhere Solutions Pack initiative; Elia currently is VP of professional services. He's no stranger to the TV Everywhere push, having led the team responsible for the conceptualization, design and development of Comcast's The Fan.

Brightcove says it anticipates a year of testing and trials with customers as programmers and MVPDs continue to test the waters on TV Everywhere.

"We just don't see the current TV Everywhere offerings as the endpoint but, rather, as a waypoint," said Jeff Whatcott, Brightcove's marketing SVP. "There's been incredible interest from everyone we've spoken to, but right now they are really just starting to look at what's involved to having a TV Everywhere presence. We expect the market to really explode in 2011."

A major hurdle facing programmers and MVPD is the sheer complexity of establishing a TVE presence. And, while some programmers and MVPDs have built in-house online platforms, others simply aren't equipped or staffed to take the plunge. Some of those who have platforms are re-evaluating them as the demands of TV Everywhere become apparent. For some programmers, the ability to maintain and grow their own brand also is an issue. Finally, how to monetize any foray into TV Everywhere is also a major concern.

Despite those issues, pundits agree the push to get more premium content online is just beginning, and it's not something that's going to slow down.

 "We believe pretty much everyone will have some sort of portal soon," said Whatcott.

Brightcove's TVE-SP is intended to help a programmer maximize its use of the OVP's technical know-how without losing itself in the process.

"They all want the ESPN, A&E or Showtime experience," he said. "They want a platform that will allow them to build a brand relationship directly with consumers and give them more options down the road. TVE-SP will help them achieve their goals without threatening their existing lifeline of revenue."

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