CBS chief: Is Netflix the anti-Christ or Second Coming?; Google TV showing woeful uptake

> CBS chief: Is Netflix the anti-Christ or Second Coming? Maybe a little of both

> Report: Google TV showing woeful uptake among users

> Sonic Solution's DivX TV adds content for LG devices

> HBO weighs going a la carte for first time since inception as Netflix nips at its heels

> Report: Netflix in a war for fresh TV content, offering studios $100K per episode

> Report: Hulu looking to launch overseas, possibly in Japan

> U.K. broadcasters sue to shut down online TV player

> Cotendo signs deal with WAM!Net for CDN services in Asia-Pacific

> VOPED's PPV platform selected by entertainment company Nemisis Productions

> Media platform Specific Media buys AdCombination to aid European expansion

> Canal Digital selects ADB's hybrid set-top box

> Report: Tablet buyers want to spend $500 or less; a challenge for Apple's iPad?

> Ivi TV: Comcast stifles competition, innovation; is meeting with FCC, lawmakers

> DirecTV tightens programming belt to keep costs down; will dump some channels in 2011, 2012

> Hulu CEO talks with FCC about impact of Comcast-NBCU deal

> Netflix signs FilmDistrict first-run distribution deal

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