Change is in the air at FierceOnlineVideo

Sue Marek

As I write this Josh Wein, editor of FierceOnlineVideo, and his wife are at the hospital about to welcome their first child and embark on a whole new adventure in parenthood. As you may know, Josh has been the editor of FierceOnlineVideo for just about a year and during that time we've enjoyed his insightful commentaries and thoughtful news coverage.

Unfortunately, this is Josh's last issue of FierceOnlineVideo and although we'd planned on one final column from Josh, life intervened, making that impossible. We certainly wish Josh and his family the best.

Next week, you will see a familiar byline in this space. Sam Bookman, managing editor of FierceMarkets' Telecom Group, will be taking over as editor. Sam has been a frequent contributor to the newsletter, writing in-depth features such as her recent look at how the 2014 Winter Olympics was a video streaming event with viewers watching Olympics coverage on their smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Sam is well-versed on the key trends and issues in the online video market. She can be reached at [email protected] Please welcome her. --Sue