Disney gets Apple and Google to shake hands on content; YouTube ups video frame rate

More online video news from across the Web:

> Apple and Google are finally playing nice thanks to Disney, which brokered a deal that lets consumers using either rival's platform (iOS or Android) to stream Disney movies bought from either the iTunes or Google Play stores. Story

> Time has brought aboard Emiliano Calemzuk, former chief of Fox Television Studios, to lead its online video efforts. Story

> Canadian pay-TV operators Rogers and Shaw jointly launched shomi, an SVOD competitor to Netflix. Story

> Aereo investors see a Plan B lighting up before it: FCC regulation on MVPDs. Story

> Twitch has installed a bit of a dress code with its live gamers: no nudity, please. Story

> Sohu is preparing to buy 56.com, an online video provider, from Renren for  a reported $12.9 million. Story

> Starz may be looking at launching its own OTT offering. Story

> YouTube has upped its video frame rate from 30 to 60 fps, which allows for higher-quality video game graphics. Story

> Online video advertising suffers from a dearth of ads running next to premium content. Story

> Ellen Degeneres launched Ellentube, an online video portal that features clips from her popular talk show. Story

> Sky Deutschland has launched an OTT platform that gives its subscribers access to its premium channels. Story

> Netflix made its Dynomite framework open-source. The system converts single-server, non-distributed databases into distributed systems. Story

> Smart TV and smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd. said it will spend $1 billion on online video content and has hired Sina Corp veteran Chen Tong to overhaul its TV business. Story

> Astronaut Chris Hadfield's sky-high rendition of "Space Oddity" is back online. Story

> UK-based YouView has added Netflix to its set-top boxes. Story

And finally… Want a little theater in your video streaming mix? Shakespeare's Globe now offers its plays on-demand, to rent or buy, with many of its main theater productions from 2009 to 2012 available. Story