For advertisers, Google TV looks like gold: Interactivity, targeted ads, cost savings all draw interest

Advertisers are licking their chops over the potential Google TV brings with it: the ability to reach consumers with more targeted ads, interactively and at a lower cost.

The service that search giant Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) introduced officially at its developers conference in San Francisco, brings together TV and the Internet, with much of the web's functionality, like search and interactivity.

Advertisers see the pairing as an opportunity to reach consumers across a "new" medium.

"Google is going to revolutionize the way we use media," Shattuck Groome, president of New York ad agency Gotham Direct Interactive, which buys TV ads for brands that include M&M's candy and, told BusinessWeek. "It's the future of advertising."

Google TV will give advertisers the ability to place ads precisely where they want them, using more finely targeted demographics, and then only pay for ads that were actually viewed. Plus, it'll tell advertisers how many viewers actually interacted with it, by clicking on an ad to request more information, for example.

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