Hearst TV opts for Yospace to deliver news, video clips and ads to mobile devices

More than two dozen Hearst-owned TV stations are using a cloud service from Yospace to deliver news and short-form content to mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

The service also links into the broadcaster's advertising response server to ensure pre-roll advertising is targeted to the user, which Yospace said, helps strengthen the revenue-earning opportunities for the stations.

The technology is hosted in a Yospace cloud software as a service application, which makes it easy to scale, said the company. The service went live in 25 Hearst markets in January.

The process is straightforward: The broadcaster selects news stories and clips to upload to the Yospace service. They're presented using apps across Hearst Television's key SmartPhone platforms and via their corresponding mobile Internet sites. A content request prompts Yospace to detect the type of device, set the video format and wrapper accordingly, splice in the tailored pre-roll commercial as defined by the broadcaster's advertising system and stream it out.

Yospace said the consumer notices no latency in delivery.

"We wanted a system that would allow us to throw any sort of video clip and get mobile-optimised delivery for all platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile Internet," said Michael Rosellini, director digital product development of Hearst Television. "We wanted something that was self-service, and with Yospace's web portal we can manage the whole service ourselves."

And, he said, the company wanted to be able to manage pre-roll advertising, which it can do either through the Yospace content management system or through Google DFP.

"We can easily get much more video available to our mobile users, with more advanced targeting of pre-roll advertising and easier workflow, which should result in monetization growing too," he said.

Yospace's will be demoing the technology at Booth SU 8503 during NAB.

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