Hitting the ground running

Well, I've been officially on the job here at FierceOnlineVideo for a few hours, anyway, and the news already is coming in over the transom. (Actually, I  heard from several OLV readers late last week and have already had a couple of story ideas pitched my way--and that's a good thing. Thank you.)

I'm new to this space, but I'm not new to the topic. I'm a rabid online video viewer and have been since YouTube was in its infancy. I'm also a pretty active uploader, I've played happily with an early iteration of the Flip, and have been bouncing back and forth across the Mac/PC border for years, grabbing whatever technology has gotten the job done for me.

In my other life, I'm a strength coach, and I use video uploaded to my website to teach new exercises to athletes all over the U.S. and even a few in Great Britain. They, in turn, send me video of them performing a lift for me to critique. It's an "almost-immediate" feedback loop that's been surprisingly good at helping them develop.

I also videoconference with them and am--without remorse--addicted.

So, perhaps, I'll bring a little different feel to FierceOnlineVideo, and I know that you'll be seeing more charts and graphs and, WHOA!, video. I'm a bit of a visual learner myself, and so like stories with more illustration.

As a newcomer, I'm swimming hard but moving slowly. Any help you can pitch my way will be appreciated. On the news side, my background is primarily in business, so kick me if you start to see too many numbers (or, kick me if you don't!), and remember, this is really your space. Let me know what you want to see more--or less--of, and send, send, send your news and notes.

You can reach me at [email protected]

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. -Jim