Hulu is free -- at the moment

After a lot of hubbub last week when News Corp. deputy chairman Chase Carey proclaimed it was “time to start getting paid for broadcast content online,” and the ensuing fallout as TV watchers who use Hulu instead of traditional television began to worry about their free TV fix, word is out that Hulu will remain free. Maybe., the websibling of TV’s Entertainment Weekly, says an unnamed Hulu executive reiterated to them the Hulu--owned by News Corp., Disney and NBC Universal--is committed to delivering free content, although it would likely develop some type of subscription service for premium content.

The idea of susbscriptions for the heretofore free Hulu isn't something that's just appeared. It's been gaining momentum since News Corp. Chief Rupert Murdoch was asked about it at a New York City investor conference. Said Murdoch, "Are we looking at it with a view toward adding subscription services and pay per view? Yes we are. No decisions have been made yet."

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