Hulu's sales force cutting ad prices to beat competition: ABC, NBC and Fox

Despite signs that the online video advertising sales market is continuing to grow, it's still a tough sell; it's worse when you're selling against competitors who are cutting prices. But selling against your partners who are cutting prices on the same product you're trying to sell? Don't even go there.

But that's what's happening with Fox, NBC and ABC-all partners in the Hulu video hub-who are going up against a competitor selling move innovative ad products that are being offered at a more attractive price: Hulu.

To be fair, Hulu's not selling specific shows-it's prevented from doing so by contract--it's selling based on entertainment genres and audience demographics.

But, as the Business Insider points out, the competition points out a potential fatal flaw in the business plan that continues to evolve at Hulu, one that will undergo even more revision if NBC's sale to Comcast is approved by federal regulators.

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